A note to you

A note to you

A note to you from Michelle D. Tucker, our president and CEO
Dear Greater St. Louis region,

When 2020 began, I, like many of you, was full of hope and excitement for the future of our region. While I continue to be full of hope and optimism, it’s clear that things are different than we imagined. Now, we need each other more than ever.

I am proud to live in this compassionate, generous community. One that cares for its neighbors and believes in the goodness we all bring to the world.

As I reflect on our current situation, I’m humbled by the ways our community is supporting each other, and I want to say THANK YOU. Many are using their talents by doing things like making masks for first responders and others who may need them; many are donating lifesaving blood, giving money to support nonprofits on the front lines of the work or providing time to volunteer in important ways. Many are staying home to care for their families, and as we know, staying home right now is critically important.

This is the way we are a community together. As a United Way supporter, you have created an infrastructure for our community to move forward. You’ve ensured that when people need food, care, counseling or respite, someone is there to help.

With this crisis, we are all challenged in new ways. My new hope for 2020 is that we rise to the challenge. That we continue to help. That we continue to show the same compassion and generosity we always have as a region. I know we will.

We need to come together now more than ever.

My sincere appreciation,

Michelle D. Tucker | President and CEO | United Way of Greater St. Louis

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